“One conversation with Calin Yablonski saved me $1,000. WOWZERS”

As far as testimonials go, I’d say this one is a winner.

The quote was taken from a Facebook post by my friend and talented freelance writer, Joel Klettke. You can see the screen shot here, and no he didn’t switch to GEICO. He posted it after we discussed his pricing strategy for an upcoming project. The entire length of the conversation was about 5┬áminutes.

So, why share the quote?

Am I trying to brag? No, that’s not it.

Is it marketing Voo Doo? Wrong again.

No, the real reason I share the quote is simply to illustrate the power of small ideas. One small idea saved Joel a thousand bucks. Just imagine what a small idea could do for you.

Introducing the Small Ideas Newsletter

The Small Ideas Newsletter is exactly that, a weekly newsletter in which I share one small, powerful idea for running your freelance business.

I discuss a range of topics such as how to attract killer clients, increase your rates, productize your services and develop sweet processes for your business.

Best part of all, the newsletter is small too! Only a few hundred words, tops.

So let’s recap. You’ll receive a short newsletter with a small idea but powerful idea once every two weeks that will help you kick ass and take names with your freelancing business. Sign up below.